English_Master August 31, 2015 No Comments
HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Honesty, earnestness, truth, sympathy, non violence, uprightness, courage, obedience, etc. are some of the virtues that we must all follow. Out of these, honesty is a must. An honest man never falls a victim to greed or selfishness. He never fails in life. He is liked and respected by all. Although a honest person has to lead a hard life of acute poverty, yet he remains contented. Honesty is the greatest blessing of god. The path of honesty is the path of thorns. An honest man is put to test again and again. People laugh at him. Sometimes, he is even cheated. But, he should not lose heart. He should firmly tread on the path of right track. We all know Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri who were honest to the very end. The story of God Mercury and woodcutter is an eye-opener for the greedy and dishonest people. Greedy and dishonest people may prosper for a while. But ultimately, they are bound to be punished for their dishonesty. Their dishonest ways cannot go on forever. They live in a constant fear and lead a discontent life. Honest persons may not prosper much, but they are always happy and content, as they have...
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