English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
HOW I CAUGHT A PICKPOCKET I cannot say exactly whether he caught me or I caught him, but I was made the hero of the day. It all happened when I was travelling in a local bus. It was packed to capacity. Some commuters were virtually hanging on the rails. I was trying to move forward to seek a comfortable place. Suddenly, I saw a man putting his hands in the back pocket of another passenger. First, I grew nervous but soon I calmed down and alerted other passengers. They caught him red handed. He struggled hard to get away from them. He showed his empty hands to plead innocence. I refuted his claim and told everyone that I had seen him putting his hands in the back pocket of one of the passengers. The pick-pocket caught me by the collar and challenged me to prove it. I struggled hard to get myself free but his grip was very tight. Some passengers spoke in his favour and called me a liar. In the meanwhile, the driver changed the route and took the bus to the police station. I cursed my foolishness because that healthy man had started dragging me. I was in tears and sought help from other passengers. The bus reached the...
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