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HOW I SAVED A BOY FROM DROWNING On a Saturday evening, I and four of my friends decided to go for a walk by the canal. We also took our swimming costumes with us. It was a lovely evening. A cool breeze was blowing. The water of the canal was cool. We were tempted to swim in the canal. We dived into the canal and enjoyed swimming. We splashed water on each other, and dived into the deep water. Suddenly, we heard someone shouting for help. Turing around, I saw a boy, who had fallen into the canal and did not know how to swim. He was struggling to save himself. His friends were shouting for help. Apparently, they did not know swimming. Immediately, I rushed towards the boy. I asked him to hold me tightly. With great difficulty, I swam to the bank and pushed him out of the water. My friends also joined me. He was unconscious, as he had taken in a lot of water. We gave him first aid and then rushed him to the hospital. The doctor took out water from his stomach and administered him some medicines. The boy opened his eyes and came to his sense. In the meantime, one of his...
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