English_Master November 16, 2015 No Comments
HOW I SPEND MY SPARE TIME In olden times people had very few necessities life was less burdened less busy and easier. People could sit and gossip. But now life has become busier and faster. Modern man is worried creature. His mind is always under strain and his life “is full of care”. Vacant hours weigh him down. His leisure hours, when occupied make him miserable. I used to feel miserable in the evening because my evenings were always free. I simply sat and brooded on things. I did not know how to utilize these hours. Then my friend, Santhosh kumar, told me secret. He had a hobby. It was stamp-collection. He owned innumerable stamps. It was almost a treasure for him. But stamp collection did not excite my interest. Still I thought over the subject of choosing a hobby. I had to drop many ideas one by one due to one reason or other. Photography was expensive; carpentry was not to my taste. Then finally, it dawned on me that there was ample space in the courtyard of my house which I could turn into a small garden. Since then gardening is my hobby. Now my vacant hours are no longer boring. My hobby keeps me well engaged....
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