English_Master November 17, 2015 No Comments
HOW I SPENT THE SUMMER VACATION Summer vacation is one thing for which every student looks forward with joy. After undergoing a lot of mental strain one would like to rest and relax. All students plan to spend the summer vacation comfortably. I passed the class IX examination with excellent marks and was promoted to class X. I was glad to inform the same to my parents. They felt very happy. After several days of hard work and toil I wanted to enjoy the vacation lazily and in a gay mood. However I spent a most useful and pleasurable summer vacation. One of my close friends suggested that we both should join the summer  short-term course in the art of self-defense. I agreed with his suggestion. There is a martial art school in our city. It is situated in sere and beautiful surroundings amongst mango grooves, a big lake nearby. We got enrolled in that school. In a group of fifteen boys, our master taught us ‘karate’ lessons. He taught us many things in the art of self- defense. I also learned swimming and boat rowing during those days. I took a rigorous and regular training for more than a month and felt very happy. I got very much...
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