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HOW PEOPLE REMEMBER EVENTS The world we live in is not exactly an anodyne place due to violence, wars, racism, and conflicts towards others. Some groups such as Neo Nazis bring back a memory of Hit­ler as they perform their hatred acts towards Jewish and mi­norities. Some people try to remember past events as they wanted them to have happen and some remember past events as they actually happened. Though some people and some authors remember events as they would like them to happen, some authors such as Ernest Hemingway remember and write events as they really occurred, though he claims A Moveable Feast to be fiction due to liability purpose. In A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway demonstrates that his style of writ­ing includes the truth of what he remembers. Speaking for myself, I prefer to remember past events as they really happened because if I remember them as I would have like them to happen, I know that I would be lying to myself. As an experienced school-related writer, I figured that for authors writing non-fiction work is probably easier be­cause all they have to do is recall what they are going to write about. Unlike fiction which includes having the ability to write a story by section...
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