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HOW ‘THE SIMPSONS’ AFFECTS KIDS The Simpsons is one of America’s most popular televi­sion shows. It ranks as the number one television program for viewers under eighteen years of age. However, the ideals that The Simpsons conveys are not always wholesome, some­times not even in good taste. It is inevitable that The Simpsons is affecting children. Matt Groening took up drawing to escape from his trou­bles in 1977. At the time, Groening was working for the L. A. Reader, a free weekly newspaper. He began working on Life in Hell, a humorous comic strip consisting of people with rabbit ears. The L. A. Reader picked up a copy of his comic strip and liked what they saw. Life in Hell gradually became a com­mon comic strip in many free weeklies and college newspa­pers across the country. It even developed a cult status. (Varhola, 1) Life in Hell drew the attention of James L. Brooks, pro­ducer of works such as Taxi, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Terms of Endearment. Brooks originally wanted Groening to make an animated pilot of Life in Hell. Groening chose not to do so in fear of losing royalties from papers that printed the strip. Groening presented Brooks with an overweight, balding father, a mother...
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