English_Master January 13, 2016 No Comments
HOW TO AVOID STUDIES The student, today, need not be told how to avoid studies. He has rather gained perfection in the art. Studies are meant to acquire knowledge. Who cares for knowledge? A learned man is not a very useful and venerable person in the society. One who earns by hook or by crook is respected and enjoys life. Why should a boy, then, run after this hollow race of acquiring knowledge? He just requires degrees and certificates for a job or for just showing himself off. Thus he engages himself in activities that provide pleasure or material gain. As the teacher has lost care the student least cares about his sermons. He just enjoys the school or college life. The aim being getting through the examinations he moves in this direction. The teachers, the society, the parents all have made arrangements. A number of teaching shops flourish everywhere. The student takes admission in these for two months. There are shortcuts—selected questions. The answers are dictated and crammed by the students. If luck favours and even half of them are asked pass marks are assured. These are not studies. They are short term cramming skills. One acquires the skill only if he avoids studies. The art is not...
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