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HOW TO BE THE BEST BUYER? BE A SMART SHOPPER Its said, “Many people buy things they don’t need, to impress those whom they don’t like.” Though it is funny, a survey says it is true. Prior to going on a shopping spree, plan your purchase. A well crafted plan about purchasing only the bare essentials and that too, within the shoestring budget, not only saves money, but space also in the house. Note down what to buy and at where. If it is furniture, then going for the space saving ones will be more apt. As and when possible, take your children also, so that they will gain experience in smart shopping. Before that, see the advertisement in newspapers and TV to know if there is any discount given and if so, go for that. At times, some advertisers attach a coupon which upon production will earn more discounts. However, chalk out a list of things to be purchased and their approximate prices. Give some allowance. This will save embarrassment when the payment to be made, exceeds your budget. The list here under will be useful before you set off. Never buy anything that does not figure in the list. Purchase can be classified into two categories: one’s...
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