Essay Writing about HOW TO BOOST MEMORY POWER?

English_Master April 8, 2016 No Comments
HOW TO BOOST MEMORY POWER? This is a heavy subject. However, so as to enable the young mind to grasp this vital aspect, the subject is dealt with simple tips off. Memory plays a pivotal role in everybody’s life. In every move, it is the memory that keeps the ball of life rolling. Having a poor memory may be a complex problem. Says a great saying, “The life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a well spent life is eternal!” To cite an example, when we meet a person after a long time, we may not be able to recall his/her name. Such things are negligible. Anyway, so as not to embarrass him/her after exchanging pleasantries, just ask his/her initial. Then the person will tell you his/her initial and name. Sleeping pattern. Sleep comes first. It is like recharging the battery as the brain needs sufficient rest. However, when we sleep, our subconscious mind becomes active and hence we get dreams. Sleep in a place where you can get enough oxygen to stimulate your brain the next day. To give more oxygen when awake, walk for a while. The strain you take while walking, gives more oxygen to your brain. To remember what you...
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