Jose John May 12, 2016 No Comments
HOW TO CLEANSE YOUR COMPUTER It is strange but true that the computer keyboard gathers dust and rubbish to the tune of nearly 0.3 tons each year! The accumulation of the dirt makes the computer go haywire by starting to type on its own, making one suspect that it is a hawker or a virus. Turn the keyboard upside down, tap gently at the back. Shut your eyes and blow the dust away or extract the hidden pieces by sucking through the vacuum cleaner. If it is in the factory, use a rubber hose pipe and blow air gently. Take pure cotton, dip it in the eucalyptus oil and wipe the keyboard clean. If there is a spill of coffee or tea or soft drink, first, remove the plug from the socket and dummy it. Then cleanse it with pure water and keep it in a dry place (not in the sunlight) and allow it to cool down on its own for one full day. To further avoid getting dirty, cover it with the plastic paper or cover. But before doing that, make sure that the cover is clean. Similarly, clean the monitor too. While at it, see that the electric connection is unplugged. Finally, it is the cursor....
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