Jose John August 8, 2016 No Comments
HOW TO CULTIVATE PRESENCE OF MIND Negation of absent mindedness is presence of mind. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to cultivate presence of mind. Accidents cannot be escaped easily. So, while driving a vehicle, presence of mind is needed. It means that a person should have a cool mind even in emergency. He should not lose his balance of mind. It is just equal to not losing one’s head. In order to have presence of mind, reasoning should be imbibed. This quality can be had only if one has a strong control over one’s nerves. The mind under these circumstances will direct his actions and he will shun doing anything wrong. It is the lack of presence of mind that a person is unable to overcome fear, anxiety or excitement. As a result of absent mindedness, persons do and say silly things in their fright and haste. In answer to the question “What is better than presence of mind in an accident?” a wag said, Absence of body.” This is certainly true; but as we cannot always escape accidents so easily, it is well to have, or to cultivate, what is called presence of mind. “Presence of mind” means keeping cool and collected in an emergency...
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