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HOW TO MINIMIZE THE IMPACT OF GLOBAL WARMING? With the mercury touching 45 degree Celsius, are we heading for a disaster? Parts of Sunderban submerging into the sea, apple orchards in Garhwal under fungal trap, torren­tial rains in Rajasthan, more than three billion trees destroyed by the wood eater insects in Alaska, submerging Indonesian islands, Southeast Asian countries stricken by dengue, the collapsing ice-shelves, receding glaciers, unforeseen heat waves in Europe: These are some scary news doing the round these days. Is it the result of global warming? Global warming is an increase in the average tempera­ture of the earth’s surface air and oceans due to the human-induced greenhouse gases. Generally, it refers to the increas­ing temperature of earth’s climate in recent decades and im­plies human interference. In the process of unregulated rapid industrialization and deforestation, the increasing concentra­tions of anthropogenic (human-induced) greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, clorofluro carbons etc in the atmosphere amplifies the ‘Green­house Effect’, which leads to the ‘global warming’. All the human-induced Greenhouse gases have badly hit earth’s self-regulatory mechanism to maintain the ideal tem­perature and the Albedo, an index that quantifies earth’s effi­ciency of reflecting the radiation/energy back into the outer space as opposed to that absorbed by the...
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