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HOW TO REMOVE UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY Not an easy task in a country having a population of a billion plus where 40 per cent of the people are below poverty line. It means more than 40 crore people are poverty line. The daily income of these hapless people i.e. the income of the earning member of the family is less than a dollar say Rs. 50/- per day. He has a big family to support. It is rather a strange country here people would have ten to twelve children Рall poor. How can the Government generate work for them as they grow up? But the parents would demand work to be one of the fundamental rights. It is democracy the biggest democracy in the world. But it is multiparty de­mocracy. Different parties would support these fundamental rights to gain a vote bank. In a democracy it is very difficult to have a check on the growth of population. Indira Gandhi tried to do it in her regime with the help of Sanjay Gandhi. She lost her in the next elections. None harsher than Indira Gandhi has been the Prime Minister of India none younger than her too. It just proves that to cheek the population is not an...
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