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HOW TO USE LEISURE If one works very hard and continuously, one naturally feels tired. Our minds begin to wander, and we feel unable to fix our attention on work. Psychologists say that fatigue is caused by some of the brain matter being wasted while at hard work and that in order to allow the matter to be replaced, rest is necessary. It is only after the necessary rest that we feel fresh as before. Thus leisure is quite essential for our system after hard work. This does not mean that we should absolutely cease to do any work because work is as necessary as rest. Rest can also be had by a change in occupation. For example we have been working hard at mathematics for 4 hours and long for rest. But we need not sit idle. We can sing a few of our favourite songs and enjoy tunes. That is also rest. Again, if we have a hobby like stamp-collecting, we may, after a hard day’s work, collect stamps, affix them neatly in sheets with decorated borders. This is not only a pleasing occupation but also useful. We may also attend to our garden during our leisure hours. We may trim a plant or prune a creeper...
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