Jose John June 1, 2016 No Comments
HUMAN BODY AND HUMAN EXISTENCE The question is to be of the world and still be out of it. Sounds paradoxical. The religion as propounded by Guru Nanak and the later gurus does not reconcile people to poverty, misery, hunger and disease. All these are regarded by the gurus as great evils. In one of his compositions (it is included in Guru Granth Sahib) sage Kabir said: “I cannot carry on my devotion on an empty stomach. Here take thy rosary away/’ But at the same time, all the gurus say that if these evils are in escapable and incurable in spite of all efforts, they must be endured, not only with fortitude and firmness, but sometimes even with joy. It has ordained thus. Gurbani says that one should be happy and comfortable in this world and blessed in the next life. The human body is sacred or, as Guru Amardas says: “The body is an extremely beautiful temple of God.” So do please keep it neat and clean and pure. A diseased body is not a worthy instrument for the service of the Almighty. The real devotee should not seek God in forests and mountains or in secluded places because God dwells in our own heart. Says Guru...
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