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HUMAN CLONING In February 1997, scientists at Scotland’s Rosalin Institute unveiled the sheep, cloned from the cell of a six-year old ewe by nuclear transfer process. The following year Cumulina—the first in a batch of fifty mice- was born on October 3 at University of Hawaii, but it died of old age two years and seven months later. The technique was believed to be more reliable than Dolly’s. In 1998, a pair of calves was born in Ishikawa Prefectural Livestock Research Centre. Japan produced by a similar technique as Dolly’s. Scientists said that the new technique could be used to breed better cattle strains. Five piglets were born in 2000 in Virginia, US produced by PPL Therapeutics from an adult sow using a slightly different technique from Dolly’s. In2001, Bessie the cow gave birth to a wild Indian ox called gaur. Scientists at the Advanced Cell Technology inc, US, used nucleus from a gaur’s skin cell. Noah, the gaur died within hours due to intestinal failure. Thus begin the era of cloning. The scientific breakthrough—like other inventions before like the atom—received mixed response worldwide for everyone knows that any invention or discovery could be misused. And here was a breakthrough that was morally reprehensible in that it interfered with...
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