English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
IDEAS RULE THE WORLD Ideas rule the world and thoughts decide the way of life. It is the mind which sculptures one’s destiny. If one thinks positively, thinks in right direction, one achieves the goal, what one aspires for. A great thinker, writer, philosopher says, “Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day”. Ideas are nothing, but an outcome of one’s detailed thinking. They shape and determine the destiny of human beings, and contribute to the growth and well beings of the civilization. Every great achievements whether in the field of religion, science, medicine, space technology, information and communication sector or in any field, was at the first stage an idea. The most scintillating success, the astonishing scientific discovery, the splendid technological feats like splitting the atom, heart transplantation, cloning of sheep, unraveling the secrets of Mars, walking on the surface of Moon, were all the results of an idea in the beginning. The success of a man depends mostly on his thoughts and self-confidence that helps in achieving something he desired, on his positivity on the hard work and perseverance. A single brilliant idea can change the life of a person. Our forefathers worshipped the Moon as a God, the Mars has also been adored...
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