English_Master March 26, 2016 No Comments
IF I WERE A MINISTER India is a land of contradictions, a country of poverty Amid plenty. Our climate is a paradox of floods and famines.  In some years we have torrential rains, and sometimes I monsoons so much frown on us that we are starved of even drinking water. Even in the same year some regions may have floods and some total droughts. If I were the Food and Agriculture Minister of India, I would give total attention to the problem of irrigation. Our food situation, yea r in and year out should not be at the mercy of the monsoon. We should have plenty of water for our needs throughout the year all over the country. It is quite possible if we combine the ancient methods with the most sophisticated technology of contemporary scientific development. Glaciers on the Himalayas are our greatest reservoirs of water, which we should use for irrigation through a network of canals and for the generation of electric power, as in the Bhakra Dam. Where canals cannot reach, we should use the electric power to energize tube wells so that we have plenty of water for our crops. Besides this, we should follow the most ancient Indian method of digging tanks everywhere throughout...
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