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IF I WERE THE PRINCIPAL Being a Principal nowadays is not a smooth landing in one’s career. Students are gradually becoming the main force in the overall working of a school or a college. By bringing down the voting age to eighteen the government has given the youth additional rights in all the fields. With the general decline in the sense of discipline in the society these new voters will have an edge over everything. They may be in colleges. Still they would guide the destiny of the younger ones in schools. The Principal may find himself surrounded with thorny bushes. It is of course desirable for the Principal to place his example before others. I will try my best to remain a good and punctual teacher. If a teacher is sincere he generally does not face problems of indiscipline. I am confident my teaching would help me in having a control over students. It would also inspire the teaching staff. On the one hand students would be benefited in acquiring knowledge, on the other there would be a perfect discipline in school. This may also neutralize the influence of outsiders. A good library is the real treasury of an educational institution. I will add more useful books to...
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