IF I WIN A LOTTERY; Essay Topics

English_Master December 27, 2015 No Comments
IF I WIN A LOTTERY “If wishes were horses beggars would ride.” Winning a lottery is just a fancy seldom realized. I just wonder millions of people purchase lottery tickets. Only one gets the first prize. Thus it is a hope against hope. Still my eyes are on Kerala lottery which promises Rs. 9 lakhs as the first prize. My schemes are such that the first prize of one lakhs won’t serve my purpose. I have a complex in my mind that I was not able to join a Convent School. Some of my friends who study in these schools look down upon me. I know that their only achievement is that they can speak English fluently. In other subjects their standard is quite low. I have a fancy to have an English medium non-convent school. My father tells me it requires near about Rs. 20 lakhs to start a good school. That is why I have an eye on Kerala lottery. With the money that I will have I will establish a trust. The trust will start such an institution. I will not keep even a single penny with me. Money attracts money. The trust will raise more funds. I will approach people with patriotic leanings who would...
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