ILLITERACY A BANE: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master February 11, 2016 No Comments
ILLITERACY A BANE After 65 years of independence, we are still too far away from the universal literacy. What is the reason? ‘Why have we come to such a sorry state’? Reasons can be well enumerated; Improper planning, poor implementation of policies, lack of infrastructure and lack of political will are the main causes  responsible for such state of affairs. Literacy level and educational attainment are vital indicators of development in a society. Attainment of universal primary education is one of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations to be achieved by the year 2015. Planning Commission has also targeted in the Eleventh Five Year Plan to increase literacy rate of persons of age 7 years or more to 85% and reducing gender gap in literacy to 10 percentage points by 2011-12. Literacy rate and educational development are considered to be key variables affecting demographic indicators like fertility, mortality (especially infant mortality) rate and migration. It greatly contributes in improving quality of life, particularly with regard to life expectancy, infant mortality, learning levels and nutritional levels of children. Higher level of literacy and educational development lead to greater awareness on the one hand and help people in acquiring new skills on the other. The number of literates and...
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