Essay Writing Topics on IMMIGRANTS COUNT

English_Master February 7, 2016 No Comments
IMMIGRANTS COUNT The rancorous American debate over changing US immigration law does not end at the water’s edge. The choices that Congress will soon make are being watched, and judged, abroad for what they will say about the future that Americans want for themselves and for the world. Immigration – along with climate change and protectionism – now heads the list of the most urgent and divisive global issues in country after country. How the US handles the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants inside its borders while establishing new gates or barriers for those yet to come has significant global implications that are too rarely exam­ined on Capitol Hill. US success in absorbing and assimilating waves of im­migrants throughout its history is still seen overseas as a great American strength. The new chance that the American way of life represents for so many is a defining characteristic of the nation. So it is jarring to hear American politicians talk full-throttle of nothing but the hopelessness of having to cope with new tides of foreigners and the need to punish and expel masses of undocumented workers who are already in the coun­try, no matter how they have conducted themselves. The critics’ wrath has-been triggered by a good-faith ef­fort ‘by senators...
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