Jose John June 2, 2016 No Comments
IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON MODERN MIND Man, the animal, has worked his way up in the world and ha s gained primacy by virtue of his success in the struggle for existence. He has adjusted himself better to the conditions than his competitors in the cosmic strife. For his successful progress from the savage state, he is largely indebted to his curiosity and desire to penetrate the mysteries of nature and to gain knowledge of hidden things. It is his curiosity, manual dexterity and scientific imagination out of which science has gradually emerged. To the Greeks, science was knowledge, not merely of the material and physical world, but of all that concerned man. The feeling of wonder in men originally gave rise to philosophy. Their interest was first excited by obvious problems and then advanced little by little to the phenomena of the moon and the sun, the stars and the genesis of the universe. The advance of science transformed man’s outlook on life and had we an impact on every branch of intellectual activity. Newton’s genius was such that for long men felt that the Universe had been fully explored. Copernicus and Galileo revolutionized the history of scientific thought by giving a new conception of man’s place in...
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