English_Master April 6, 2016 No Comments
IMPORTANCE OF EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES All studies and no play make Jack a dull boy-goes the saying. It is rather sad that in a very large number of institutions importances is not given to extracurricular activities which are necessary for the physical, mental and social development of boys and girls. A child takes interest in games since its infancy. In rural areas a large number of boys play Kabaddi and girls play Kho Kho or stone placing. It is only in Maharashtra that you find young men joining ‘akharas’ for yogasan, wrestling and many other programmes. But in any other part of the country one can find it only RSS Shakhas where young boys play games and do yogasans. But one won’t find such a branch everywhere. Moreover these are run on a certain ideology. What about those who are either against it or have no interest in it? ¬†Actually games and sports should be made a compulsory part of the curriculum at beast up to High School. Cricket has become a craze for the young boys. They would play it in the streets too. Because of cricket they have lost enthusiasm in other healthy sports and games. That way cricket has done a great harm in the field....
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