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IMPORTANCE OF NEWSPAPERS Now-a-day newspapers are very important. Without them, our knowledge can never be complete. We get political, economic and other important news by reading them. Current affairs of the world become known to us, when we look into them. They are helpful in the trade and commerce of a country as news about the manufactured articles, prices, dealings at stock exchange and rate of commodities are published in them. In this way, we are in a position to know where the various articles of our daily use are pro­duced and from where we can purchase them at cheaper prices. Advertisements of job vacancies, medicines and sale as well as pur­chase of cars, houses, bungalows etc., help us to meet our requirements. Notices of sale of plots and land, business premises, law suits and other necessary information are published in them for circulation. Examination results and vacancies in government offices as well as transfers and appointments of gazette officers appear in them. Be­sides these, criticism of the government policies, speeches delivered in the legislatures and various suggestions about the development of the country can be known through them. No country in the world can afford to live in isolation. We cannot live without having a full knowledge of...
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