English_Master April 6, 2016 No Comments
IMPORTANCE OF NEWSPAPERS In the modern age of information technology people have started thinking that the importance of newspapers has declined. It was so when radio and later on television were introduced in the world. The impor­tance of newspapers has not become less. They have rather adopted information technology to improve the standard of their papers. Formerly the trend was seen in English newspapers throughout the world. It was followed by the papers in the languages spoken in different countries of the world. The lead was, of course given by the United States of America. In India too it has been adopted by almost all the standard paper in regional languages especially in Hindi as it is the language of the largest number of people in the country. But the Tamil, Kannada, Telegu (especially) Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi papers have not remained untouched. They have adopted information technology in their own way. Thus the newspapers in India in the modern days are most sophisticated. Go even to a small village you will find people going through newspapers. In cities you will find even cobbler on the road side going through it. In almost all the middle class families it is the first thing to go through even before tea....
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