Jose John June 4, 2016 No Comments
IMPORTANCE OF PROPAGANDA IN MODERN LIFE The word “propaganda” came to be introduced into the English language with the formation of Congregation de propaganda fide (Congregation for the propagation of the faith), an organization set up in the beginning of the seventeenth century by the Roman Catholic Church. But even though the term is of a comparatively modern origin, practice of what it denotes is as old as humanity itself, and has grown more and more refined and sophisticated as means of mass communication have improved and developed. Kautilya, the famous Indian exponent of statecraft, discussing the use of mass communications for military purposes, says in Arthashastra “Astrologers and other followers of the king should infuse spirit into the army by pointing out the impregnable nature of the array of his army; secret agents should circulate among the enemy, spreading rumours of their certain defeat.” Before him, a Chinese tactician discussing the art of war had said, “In night fighting beacons and drums are largely used; in day-fighting a great number of banners and flags and the enemy’s eyes and ears are confounded.” All this is a far cry from the insidious means of psychological warfare warring States in our times bring into use against one another. The basic...
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