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IMPORTANCE OF TREES Trees are man’s oldest friends. They are with us since ages. We cannot do without them. They are useful for us in many ways. Everyone knows now that trees are valuable. Concern about environment has made us conscious about trees. But our forefathers also knew about the values of trees. Trees provide people with food, fibers and medicine. Through history, people have used wood to make tools construct buildings and create work of art. Living tree are as valuable to human kinds as are the products because they help in conserving natural resource. Trees help conserve soil erosion and flood. They keep the wind from blowing away the top soil. Their roots prevent soil from being washed away the heavy rains. Tree roots prevent also help store water underground. Forests are the main factors of our environment’s water cycle. Today’s atmosphere is highly polluted and there is a more need for oxygen. Trees keep air clean. They evaporated water they take from the earth with their roots. This evaporation increases humidity and causes rain. Many medicines, gums, oils, wood and dyes are taken from trees. They also give fruits. Trees really are very valuable. They also help in lessening air pollution and add to the beauty...
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IMPORTANCE OF TREES Trees are our great friends. They are very important for the survival of animals and human beings. They give us cool and refreshing shade. They give us fruit to eat, firewood to burn, timber to build houses and furniture. They replace the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus support the life of living things. The green leaves of trees produce starch which is an essential part of the food of men and animals. Trees help in causing rain. Trees prevent soil erosion. They supply different kinds of raw material for many of our industries. There are trees, which supply us with valuable medicines. In South America, the sap of the cow-tree is used as milk. Trees provide shelter to thousands of birds and animals. The paper we write on is also made of wood we get  from trees growing in hillside. The rubber tree gives us a sap, which is made into rubber. Trees are also valued for their beauty. They lend beauty to the scenery. In older days, Rishis and their pupils lived in forest homes in the company of nature. Trees also give us firewood, which is used as fuel in many household. Thus, trees supply us with innumerable useful things. They have...
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