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INDIA AND PAKISTAN RELATIONS The divide and rule policy of the British resulted in the partition of the country into India and Pakistan in 1947. Relations between the two countries have remained strained ever since. The ceasefire Agreement that was reached through the mediation of the United Nations established the ceasefire line. In 1965 and later in 1971, Pakistan attacked India but on both the occasions, it was defeated. The territorial gains made in these wars were aborted for empty promises of establishing peace and tranquility in the region, at the Tashkand Summit and by the Shimla Agreement. The Shimla Agreement bound the two countries not to resort to force for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute and termed the ceasefire line as the Line of control (LOG) distrust between the two countries persisted because Pakistan continued to amass weapons of mass destruction and nuclear warheads in its arsenal. Simultaneously, it sent armed militants to Punjab and Kashmir for abetting violence and has also remained a subject of dispute between the two countries. Talks over a “no-war-act” were put across to Pakistan by Pt. Nehru in 1948 and pursued by successive Prime Ministers which till date have yielded no result. The two countries gained the reputation of being nuclear...
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