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INDIA AND THE PERILS OF GLOBAL WARMING *More than 70 people lost their life due to heat wave across North India in the first week of June this year. *Outbreak of Dengue fever and Encephalitis caused death of 413 people in the country last year where nearly 1.4 million people were also reported to be infected with Chikungunya, a vector-borne disease. Over 2600 cases of Chikungunya were reported in Kerala in the first 12 days of June itself *For the second consecutive year the country is forced to import wheat as its production has slumped to 74 million tons from 76 million tones earlier. *Parts of mega cities like Mumbai. Kolkata and Chennai will submerge in sea in 30-35 years as faster melting of gla­ciers in the Himalayan and the Hindukush ranges will lead to rise in sea levels by about 40 cm. These developments are uncannily linked to greenhouse gas emissions and their cascading effects on climate. While countries like the US, Japan, Germany, and Eng­land may overlook them as non-serious; these developments pose major challenges for a developing nation like India. As New Delhi will have to put a break on its planned objective to eradicate poverty that it wants to do by sustaining eco­nomic growth at...
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