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INDIA IN 21ST CENTURY India is a country which is doing progress day by day. It was the country which remained under the British Rule for two centuries. When it got freedom in 1947 not even a needle was made in India. Our first prime minister late Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru realized that India could progress only when it becomes self dependent. He started five years plans to achieve the goal. The most important factor responsible for a developing country is science and technology. Many governments changed but all of them tried their best to raise the standard of living of the common men. It is therefore believed that after 2000 our country will be prosperous and powerful. Many steps are taken to lead the country to the heights of progress till the year 2000. The progress of India depends of the prosperity of her villages. It is our belief that villages will change and villagers will be happier. There will be no landless farmers. They will not be illiterate and uneducated. Through education they will help them in running small and large industries. Economic condition will improve. Our constitution provides that everybody has a right to education. It is through that free and universal education will be possible...
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