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INDIA: TECHNOLOGICAL ACHIEVEMENTS IN SPACE Vast is the range of spin-off benefits derived from the advancement of space technology in India. Down to earth benefits are available in such areas as mapping the natural resources through remote sensing, telecommunication, television and weather forecasting. Remote sensing date obtained from satellite-based sensors has found numerous applications in the management of natural resources. Satellite data have led to a revised inventory and mapping of land use and land cover for the whole of India. Wasteland data are now available for all the districts of the country. Land degradation studies near development areas have led to timely corrective action. And land reclamation and urban land use are better monitored from space. Satellite data have also led to the periodical updating of the country’s forest cover, evaluating the extent of deforestation and afforestation. Satellites al so monitor the erosion of river banks, coastal erosion and the destruction of mangroves. For instance, the decline in the area of mangroves aggravated the devastation caused by the Orissa super cyclone in 1999. Detection of underground water for drinking purposes has been a success story of the country’s satellite application efforts. Ground water potential zone maps have been prepared on the basis of satellite data for most of...
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