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INDIAN FESTIVALS India is a land of fair, feats and festivals and every religious community has its own lit. But the Hindus observe, by far, the largest number of them. Most of the Indian festivals have their origin in some outstanding even in the mythological or religious legend of the people concerned. Diwali, which is celebrated all over the country by all walks of people, marks the return of Lord Rama from exile. Holi festival is famous as the defeat of evil at the hands of truth. The mythological story associated with thus event is that of Prahlad, who as a prince successfully killed King Hiranya Kashyap and his sister who were the embodiments of falsehood. Some festivals are also associated with folklore, especially in villages. Baisakhi in Punjab is one such festival which is associated with harvesting of crops. Most festivals are associated with joy ad mirth. The participants take full advantage of such occasions to make them lively and gay. During holi we come across with processions of people who faces are covered with pleasing colours. Many days before Diwali, we start hearing the thundering noise caused by crackers all over the country. On the Diwali days elders join the younger’s in the bursting of crackers. The...
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