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INDIAN SOCIETY AT CROSS- ROADS¬† Since no society can afford to remain static in terms of time and space. The Indian society cannot be an exception to the rule. To be at the cross – roads is not only the prerogative or predicament of an individual, it is also the natural right or rigour of a society. Where the changes or metamorphosis that result from interaction, adaptation and assimilation is for good or for worse, is nobody’s monopoly to forecast with certainty, the Indian society with its varied shades of cultural contours, civilization colours, beliefs, faith, cannot remain immune to the influences that are either indigenous or imported. Earlier, the march of events and their impact on the Indian psyche was slow, sometimes dead slow, but now, with globalization setting the agenda and satellite television churning out round the clock programmes, the changes in the Indian society are highly perceptible. As members of a vast and vigorous Indian society, we know culture and values are matters of identity of a race and civilization and not matters of commerce, which could be allowed to be exposed. If the Indian society has survived the hard knocks and kicks of the past, it only shows that its heart is at its proper...
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