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INDIAN UNITY IN DIVERSITY India has always been a melting pot of stupendous paradoxes, extremes, diverse-cultures, religions, languages and the way of living. These colossal diversities and varieties run through the entire fabric of the nation, which present a vision of eternity. Its extra-ordinary oneness and unity amidst adversity and heterogeneity strike people with awe and wonder. One is left breathless and gasping at its sheer vastness, complexity and seemingly paradoxical unity in diversity. About 9000 million human beings, and the following different religions, live here, a fortieth of the earth surface. It is also the world largest democracy. This ancient land called Bharat or India is so fantastic in colours, dresses, diets, deities, religions, sects, climates, backgrounds, languages, races, faces, and what not, that presents in inexhaustible experience of unity amidst diversity and variety. It has been a meeting point of various cultures, civilizations and religions, for more than five millennia. As a country and a nation it has outlived the test of time and attacks of invaders. It is here that modernity and tradition, urban and rural, religious and secular, peaks and valleys, variety and unity embrace each other in counter balance. There is no other such example of unity and cohesion in diversity. Culturally, India has...
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