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INDIANS IN ANTARCTICA Between 1982 and 1984 four Indian scientific teams have landed in Antarctica. These were momentous events in recent years. Antarctica is a big continent with the South Pole as its central point. The continent is bigger than India and China put together. It is the coldest place on the earth. The entire land is covered with deep ice. Not a single tree is to be found. The temperature is always maintained at- 100°C. Raging winds at a speed of 80 kilometers an hour always blow over there. Antarctica is separated from other continents and can be reached by boat or ship but for this we have to undertake a long journey of about 906 kilometers. Most of the land on this continent contains high plateaus, which are on the most part quite uneven. There are also certain mountains. There is also a volcano named Mount Erebus, which is about 4023 meters high. Smoke always comes out from its top. Antarctica is divided into two regions-West Antarctica and East Antarctica. In between we have the Ross and Beadle Seas. The waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean extend up to Antarctica, which we call Antarctic Ocean. For hundreds of years ice has been...
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