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INDIA’S RELATIONS-WITH OTHER COUNTRIES AT PRESENT  Indo-US Relations—After President Bush took over in January 2001, he assured India of continued improvement in ties. In early May 2001, the US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage visited India and the Vajpayee government used the opportunity to reaffirm its broad endorsement of US plan for a “new strategic framework” —including its controversial National Missile Defence programme. US Assistant Secretary of Stare for South Asia, Christina Rocca, visited in mid-July, 2001 and signaled the broad contours of Bush Policy. She stressed that the US wants to have bilateral relations that we are truly bilateral and not to view the relations with one country through the prism of the third country. On August 8, the visiting US trade representative Robert Zoellick announced 540 million worth to tariff concessions for Indian export to the USA. It was also decided to set up a bilateral trade policy-working group. US Secretary of State Collin Powel visited in October, 2001 and assured India that its war on terrorism would indeed address the menace that India has been battling in Jammu & Kashmir. On November 9, 2001, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Washington and held talks with President Bush over wide-ranging issues, including the ongoing global campaign...
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