English_Master February 19, 2016 No Comments
INFINITY IN A MOMENT I’ve finally come to a conclusion… the first in my life I think. I’m in love. What an annoying nothing… the word love. Undermined after years of unrepresented use and manipula­tive thought. Contemporary teens, playing with matches to start fire that will only burn down their own foundations of security and ontology. It’s a card trick to them, after all they’re immortal, and apprehensions are as pointless as relationships. Throwing around promises that should tear the doors of heaven apart revealing metaphors incapable of description, but in­stead suffocates in a beer glass. Love use to mean something. It still does for me, but for others it’s a cryptic dialogue, dis­guised for the mere purpose of placation. To reach that level of appeasement, to get her into your room or to that party or into that pathetic dream that was summoned from the filth of petulant, diseased weakness. Riches used to buy money less valuable. Absurd reality that tortures its puppets. It’s a mo­mentary high that you inhale when unhappiness overcomes boredom: “I think I love that girl over there,” as he falls from the pinnacle of a drunken revelation. What does he think? Jesus Christ, what happened to that inexplicable emotion that could jump into...
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