Jose John June 2, 2016 No Comments
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RULES THE ROOST The Internet surpassed radio as a source for political news in the US in 2004 as more people went online to keep up with the Presidential election campaign. Twenty-nine percent of US adults used the Internet to get political news last year, up from 4 percent in 1996 and 18 percent in2000. Television remained the dominant medium for most voters. For those with a broadband connection at home, the Internet rivaled newspapers in importance. India may not be such advanced as the US in terms of Internet coverage, but beyond a shadow of doubt India is galloping forward in the IT revolution, and the youth brain power of this country is helping such revolutions take place in many other countries as well. The Central government and the State Governments are spending crore of rupees in promoting e-governance in every field in order to ensure efficiency, transparency and better citizen-friendly interface. Most of the banks have been computerized and the banks are functioning with minimum staff, with almost all customers provided with ATM-debit card with which they can draw cash from any of the ATMs that have mushroomed in the cityscape. Railway tickets can be had through the Internet and mobile. The cumbersome position in...
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