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INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN MUSEUM Living in the world without knowing it is like visiting the best library on earth without ever reading a single book in your life. Hunger for multiple issues and objects form a part of our social dynamic, but because of the lack of time and finance it seems to run past us. Museums are the solutions to feel the experience and expand our horizon of knowledge about specific fields. Mountains are loved by almost everyone, because they are sacred, hypnotic and an example of the wholesomeness of mother earth. Simplicity of the mountains, people and their culture is envied by everyone who sees them. Whenever we see those people we can easily judge them because they are part of the nature. They live like the mountain, changing the nature’s harshness into bliss.  Nepal which is home to more than eight highest peaks out of ten and is always acknowledged one of the mountainous nations in the world. These peaks don’t just satiate people’s dormant quest for beauty but also serves as an invaluable source of water for millions of people especially of north India and Nepal. The flora and fauna of the mountainous region contributes to the healing of the deadliest of diseases and balances the...
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