Jose John June 2, 2016 No Comments
INTERNET & e-MAIL: MILESTONE IN COMMUNICATION Can you guess the age of Internet? It was considered in the form of computer networking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962. After incubation period of seven years the first cute little baby of the species appeared on the scene in September in 1969 as APRANET of Department of Defence of Government of USA. APRANET consisted of four major techno-logical breakthrough (1) Interface message processor (2) Network Topology, (3) Network matrices, (4) Hretitech rural design. Bernek and Neaman analysis Corporation, University of California at Los angles (UCLA) were the agencies working together to evolve the APRANET; the first public demonstration of the network was organized during the international Computer Communication Conference an 1972 and presented by Bob Kahnm, the designer of APRANET architecture. The number of computers uses connected to the network was is in 1971 and rose rapidly to 407.1 millions in November 2000. The next major milestone was in 1982 when Defence Department of U.S.A. created TCP and IP protocol for APRANET and other military network. It is natural to expect that when large numbers of computers are connected to a network, all of them must have the same standard formats and protocols so that the data can be...
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