Jose John June 5, 2016 No Comments
IRAQ-AMERICA TENSION & ITS FALL OUT Politics almost as existing as war and quite as dangerous, p you can be killed once, but in politics many times said the great statesman Sir Winston Churchill. This is absolutely true in respect of American stand on Iraq, West Asia and the so called war on terrorism. How truth is sacrificed at the altar of real politics and enlightened self-interest is evident in the case of the hue and cry over Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons mass destruction, in the appeasement of Israel, and in adoption of double standards in dealing with global terrorism. The USA had been itching go to war for months and years but had been postponing the D-day because of overwhelming pressure from her own allies in the European union as well as from Russia, China and Muslim world. Even after the 1991 Gulf War during the last decade, both USA and Britain have on their own embarked any number of air raids over Iraq air space, without any kind of sanction of any international authority. The sun of the British Empire set long ago, but Tony Blair is still nostalgic and shares with his Big Brother an insatiable greed for world hegemony No nations, however small, would...
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