English_Master February 20, 2016 No Comments
IS INDIA A SOFT STATE?  “Hard power yields obedience, while soft power yields acquiescence. The former is the foundation of state strength, but the latter helps consolidate that strength: History suggests that synergistic use of both forms of power allows a state to gain global influence”.  India is a middle power. It does not belong to the major powers which command a subject role in international politics and make vital decisions about the fate and destiny of the international system. Nor is it, one of the minor powers which, with limited foreign policy autonomy, an object of the decisions of the major powers. In the area of military capabilities, India’s conventional capabilities are no match for those of the major powers, though it can boast of the third largest armed forces after China and the United States. Moreover, its capabilities for long range or rapid deployments are limited relative to the five major powers. India, being a secular state has always faced difficulty in maintaining its integrity every now and then. But still, the unity among people and the prevailing brotherhood in the country have kept us intact despite being the most diversified country. We the people of India are basically very generous. We like our friends and, we love...
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