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JOY IS SORROW, LIFE IS ‘DEATH’ When knowledge or wisdom is absent, facts can be mis­used. If there is balance, such a situation does not arise.’ A balanced view takes into account as many aspects as possi­ble. This is the anekanta principle. The one who has perspective of anekanta does not take a single-dimensional view of things that could twist logic. In the explanation of universal laws anekanta has lent balance. Even in the world of conduct and thoughts, anekanta plays an important role. Restraint and equanimity are also results of anekanta. Without the anekanta view there would be no reason for restraint. Through anekanta we accept the coexist­ence of opposites as a fact. Everything has its limits. There is need for equanimity. Both loss and gain are to be accepted. It is the norm that if there is gain there will also be loss and if there is loss, there will be gain, too. The two are mutually connected. The two are, in fact, one. The difference is only in time or space. There is no distance between happiness and sorrow or life and death, they both go together. Sometimes one feels happy and life seems bright and sometimes one feels sad and life seems miserable. Where is...
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