KASHMIR PROBLEM: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master August 6, 2016 No Comments
KASHMIR PROBLEM Kashmir has been a problem for us since our independence. It has a historical background of our failing and betrayals to the nation. The seeds were sown in the unnatural partition of the country. We talked of secularism and accepted the partition on communal lines. The appeasement policy of Indian leaders, started by Mahatma Gandhi, continued after partition. The natural results of partition were that all Muslims ought to have gone to Pakistan and all Hindu ought to have come to Bharat. But the Hindus flowed from Pakistan to India. But five crores Muslims remained in the country. What was the fun of partition then? It was rather an introduction to much partition to come. Pakistan lives in our country in every nook and corner. In the cities where Muslims lives, have Hindu Muslim riots again and again. These are not riots but are effort to gain position. Collection of arms has been found in then houses and mosques. The Govt has not been telling the facts to the people. Newspapers have been very idealistic in not showing the courage to call a spade. The so called secularism that is to safeguard the interests to this van minority keeps them both blind and deaf to the realities.|...
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