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KUDANKULAM REACTORS Recently, an energy specialist showed that under realistic assumptions, India will not be able to maintain a modest annual per capita power need of about 2000 kWh by, 2070 by renewable energy alone, the maximum potential for renewable will be 36.1%. Fossil fuel and nuclear will continue to play their role. He believes that hundred years later, India has to depend on nuclear power only.   -By Dr K S Parthasarthy Recently, anti nuclear activists scored over staunch nuclear power proponents by planning a fast of infants against Kudankulam project. Infants cannot protest, parents forced them to fast. Mercifully, it was only for one hour. I do not know whether, it is legal or whether it may be considered as child abuse. It was a clever ploy to get publicity. Next, the activists may argue that reactors will kill babies and babies’ babies. Obstacles in the Way of Kudankulam Reactors Misinformation, misconcepts and other issues are coming in the way commissioning the first Generation 3 + advanced nuclear power reactor in India’. In an article titled India, People power vs. Nuclear power (The Daily Star, 17th October, 2011), Praful Bidwai claimed that Kudankulam reacts will daily draw in millions of litre of freshwater, and release it at a...
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