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LEADING A SCHOOL Leading a school effectively is a skill that requires con­stant planning and development. A school leader can be de­fined as the person who is vested with formal authority over an organization or one of its sub units. He or she has status that leads to various interpersonal relations, and from this comes access to information. Information, in turn, enables the leader to devise strategies, make decisions, and imple­ment action. Management is concerned with the optimum attainment of organizational goals and objectives with and through other people. Extension management organizations are characterized by many strategies, wide spans of control, social equality, and autonomy. Their management practices cannot be reduced to one standard set of operating guidelines that will work for all organizations continually. However, all leaders of professional organizations face the same challenge: to manage one’s time, objectives, and resources in order to accomplish tasks and implement ideas. School leaders are painfully aware of the need for revi­sion and development of the new skill sets held by today’s high performers. If change is not handled correctly, it can be more devastating than ever before. High performers reflect, discover, assess, and act. They know that a new focus on con­necting the heads, hearts, and hands of people in...
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