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LIFE AND LITERATURE Literature is the reflection of life of the age in which it is produced or written. It provides a true and actual record of the social, economic, political and religious condition of the time. The literary man is bound to be effected by the incidents and happenings of the society in which we live. He records all the incidents which occur in that age. He watches them closely. He tries to produce a faithful and real scene of his age. He presents the feelings and sentiments of human mind either in the form of appreciation or in bitter criticism. History is based on the facts and so it is real picture of life. Literature is picture of the real and ideal. It laid stress on what is ought to be and not on what it is. Literature reveals beauty and truth of idea. History is chronological and photographic representation of the events of particular age in which they take place. Literature is not a history but in every creative literature truth of art should be part of it. “Fairies Queen”, “Milton’s Paradise Lost”, Tulsi’s Ram Charitmanas and Mahabharata may be studied as books of social facts but they also have something ideal in them. And that...
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