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LIFE IN AN INDIAN VILLAGE The cock crows, the cow lows and the whole village rise from a peaceful slumber. The life of people in an Indian village is generally drab and laborious. Most of them do not own land. Still they are farmers ploughing lands of others. Some work as landless labourers. Other who a bit better off till other’s land on contract. But they have to put in hard labour. Work begins with the crowing of the cock before the dawn and continues till it is dark in the evening. Most of the villagers have their old plough. A few have tractors and other modern implements. But their number is negligible. As most of the lands are small modern implements can neither be used nor afforded. The 80% people who live in villages more than 60% lead a life which is almost a serf’s life. They have to depend upon prosperous landlords, moneylenders and petty businessmen. All exploit these poor men. For the artisan life in a village is gradually becoming unbearable the Industrialization has snatched his bread. When he is at the verge of begging he either joins the rank of bonded labour or moves to cities in search of a job. In the city he loses his identity. About...
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